About Christ’s Freedom


Is a ministry of Isaiah 61 Ministries whose function is to liberate and empower God’s people into the reality of their authority as sons and daughters of God. We exist to ensure that God’s people reign as mediating priests in God’s House, which is another way of saying that we exist to enable the church to live in its inheritance and fulfill Christ’s mandate to accomplish God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Put succinctly, we believe that as Christ’s disciples we exist to multiply what Jesus began, which means healings the sick, raising the dead and casing out demons. This is the initial demonstration that the King and His Kingdom is among us ready to extend His reign of peace and well-being over the earth.Of course we are not the only ones with this calling. We are linked in spirit and actuality with those of similar calling both known and unknown and are accountable as such for our beliefs and actions. We are not in alignment with the marketing of christianity, the retailing of the Holy Spirit or the manufacturing of the christian industry. We receive our authority from Jesus Christ and our affirmation and correction when required from those with whom we are in relationship.While being aware that there are many families in the Body of Christ, Isaiah 61 does not represent any ministry other than itself and is not associated with or beholden to any denomination.

You can read more articles by Keith Allen at this website. Keith Allen writes sometimes on the church but more often on the worship of He who has assured us that ‘He will build His Church.’ A question many of us need to ponder is this: ‘Are the churches built industriously by so many actually ‘His’?




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